Swedish domains

.SE is the official topdomain of Sweden, and the number one choice for pages targeted to swedes, but is also a popular domain worldwide.
The number of registered .se domains are more than 1 milion and increasing.
The domain is handled by iis and at you can see if a domain under .se is available or not.

Register a new .se domain

New .se domainnames can be registered under one of iis authorized registrars

Snap an expiring .se domain

If an owner don´t wan´t (or forget) to renew a domain it will after be available to register.
The fastest way to register an expiring domain is by snapback where the registrar try to register the domain right after it is released.
You can see coming and recently expired .se domains at domainhelper.

Second hand market for .SE domains

Of cource most generic .se domains are registered but it is also possible to buy .se domains at the second hand market.

If the domain you are interested in is already registered you can try to find a similar domain that is available or contact the owner and ask if the domain is for sale.

However if the owner of the domain plan to sell a domain the price will probably be more reasonable than if the owner have a plan to develop the domain or to keep the domain.

Example of places where you can buy .se domains are:



Posses domains for sale
Bennys domains for sale
Jims domains for sale
Kristoffers domains for sale
Björkwalls domäner till salu
Higo domännamn till salu